Our Story

Written on 5-16-13

Many have been asking why and how did we decide on Peru? Well, 6 weeks ago we never would have thought about heading to Peru, but that changed when my brother Stephen went down to check out Hospital Diospi Suyana. He is graduating from dental school in a few weeks and has always wanted to do some type of mission work. Shortly after arriving, he gives me a call and informs me that they haven’t had a PT in months and “really need one. Don’t buy that house, you need to come to Peru!” I told him we would pray about it, but never really considered ACTUALLY MOVING TO PERU! That is crazy! Move my whole family to PERU! He called again, “Can I give your name to the director of the hospital?” I told him that would be fine, but still wasn’t really considering it.

OK, I need to back up a bit now. About 8 months ago we decided to try and get a house closer to the church and school. We found one for sale that we liked and then put our house on the market. It sold within a few weeks, but for one reason or another, the sellers (of the house we wanted to buy) couldn’t get out of their house “for a couple more months” Well, a “couple months” was lengthened more than once, but we were finally moving forward and about to sign the contract with them.

Well, Stephen called multiple times (even after returning from Peru) to try and convince us, and every time he called, I was working on getting things lined up to purchase this house. The last time he called, I was actually filing in the amount of earnest money we were going to put down to purchase this house. And then it hit me! Maybe we weren’t supposed to get this house? Maybe we were supposed to go to Peru? Maybe that is why it has taken us so long to get into this house? Did God have this plan for us to begin with?

I went upstairs and prayed some more. I talked to Konika. “Maybe if the director of the hospital calls in the next few days, we should seriously consider it?” she said. “No” I said. “we are signing the contract for this home in two days! If God wants us to move to Peru, he can impress that director to call us today.”

Well, long story short (ok, this hasn’t been short, sorry) I saw a funny number on my phone a few hours later and my stomach turned about 3 times! Yes, it was the director. The next few days we continued to pray, and the more we did, the more comfortable we felt with the way God seemed to be leading.

So now we are in the middle of getting things lined up to live in Peru for the next 2 years. Our biggest challenge currently is raising enough money to cover the first year. This will probably be about $30,000 (language school, travel, lodging, basic living expenses, etc). We will be volunteering at this hospital and no stipend or housing is provided (all donations for the hospital go into keeping the hospital open, since most patients are able to pay very little). Therefore, we will be relying on donations and trust that God will provide. Please keep us in your prayers.

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