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A Big Horned Black Thing- by Sydney Wright

IMG_0474               Each week for homeschool, Finley has come up with “Word Up  Wednesday”. Each week features one of the kids and a paper they have  written for school. They can invite whoever they want over for dinner, and  they get a say in what is for dinner. (usually picking from a couple soup  flavors) Then after dinner, they get to present their paper to everyone. The  kids really seem to like having their spotlight evening. This is one of  Sydney’s papers.
Hi. This is Sydney writing from Peru. How close have you been to a bull? I have been very close, too close in fact. Me and my crazy best friend Annie were riding our bikes home from buying pan camun, which is a kind of bread. We went a round a corner and we saw a big construction truck blocking the path. I said “lets wait here”. Annie said “ok”. The construction truck didn’t move for a while. When we had waited 4 or 5 minutes I said “I see a place we can get past”. Annie was behind me and we started that way. Half way there… abawt 8 bulls were right there walking closer towards us! Annie said “Sydney turn around!” But I could not. Suddenly a guy grabbed my bike and said “vayanse por alli” which means “go over there”. I went over there and he brought my bike back to me. He told the owner of the bulls to go on quickly. And after that, I walked my bike all the way home because I was so scared. That was my first time being so close to a bull. I hope it never happens again, but there are so many bulls here in Peru I think it will. Now I feel I won’t be so scared next time because it did not harm me. And I think my garding angel was with me.




One thing I like about Costa Rica is it has really cool animals.  I saw 4 or 5 monkeys in a tree on Friday.  There were supposed to be sloths, but we did not see any.  One thing I do not like is none of my USA friends are here to play with.

My Spanish class has four kids in it. There are 6 dogs at the school.  There names are  Cora, Cookie, Dino, Chili, Oso, and Pilli (sounds like PG).  My favorite dog is Pilli.  He is a small dog with BIG ears. I miss you all.

Love, Sydney

Benjamin’s First Post
I’m getting so excited about Peru!


7 thoughts on “Kid’s Posts

  1. Ed Wright

    I’m getting excited, too. But I’ll sure miss you, Benjamin! Will you take some pictures and post them here?


  2. Lacey

    Sydney? Where are your posts?? 😉 Miss you!!!

  3. Mia

    Hi Sydney,
    Can you believe it? This is Mia! I wish I was there in Peru with you to see all the interesting things, and the yummy foods they might have. I still have the picture of you and me on the first day of first grade. Everybody misses you in our class. I hope to hear from you soon. Miss you and care for you. Your friend, Mia.

  4. its Jacob 🙂

  5. benjamin are you newright26?

  6. hope you guys are having fun in peru

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