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When you live on the other side of the equator, it is great to hear from friends and family back home!  Really, its SUPER awesome!  If you would like to contact us or send mail, here is our information:



Address: (please address all mail to Nolan Wright even if it is for the kids or Konika.  I’m the only one who has signed over permission for a hospital worker to pick up mail in Abancay)

Nolan Wright

Hospital Diospi Suyana

Apartado 210

Abancay, Apurimac



3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Sondra Spiva

    Hi Nolan and Konika, Benjamin and Sydney!
    We have finally gotten into your website…. Grandpa Charlie thoroughly enjoyed going through all of the pictures and insights into your life in Peru! We have spent an hour or more going back to the very beginning of your posts….. We sure miss you all, but can see that the kids are getting a tremendous education, that school could never give! That is invaluable. And, you all look happy with the opportunity you have to serve. What a blessing to have family there! I remember how wonderful it was to have Mom and Dad Skau in Bangladesh for a lap over of about 3 years before they were transferred to Nepal to start the English Language School in Kathmandu.

    God’s Blessings and our love for your week!
    Aunt Sondra

  2. Brooke Hold

    Hey guys!!! We miss you all so much!!!! Please tell Sydney that Lynely misses her and can’t wait to see her!!!! It’s so good to read about what you guys are up to these days!!! Love you all and praying for you!!! The Holds

  3. Lorelei

    Howdy! It was fun to find your website, and it seems like all is going great! I just went PRN, so if you need any extra PT help sometime, let me know :). –Lorelei

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