Rough Road Ahead

This morning I saw  a patient who had been hit by a truck last October.  He ended up with a fractured femur and tibia in his right leg (among other things).  He was stabilized at our hospital and then sent to Cusco since we currently don’t have an orthopedic doctor.  In January the bones still had not healed and he underwent surgery (in Cusco) to stabilize the bones with plates and screws.  His traumatologist in Cusco told him last week that he needed to start physical therapy, and thank goodness he did, because this guy is limited!  When he first came in he couldn’t move his knee more than 30 degrees (less than 25% of normal) and only had about 30% normal movement in his ankle .  He has kept his leg straight since the accident in October, which makes for a very stiff leg.  He has been in a couple times and is improving, but its going to be a long, rough road.




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One thought on “Rough Road Ahead

  1. connie petty

    making an impact in his life…strong work Nolan

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