Literature to Curahuasi


Some exciting things have happened the past few weeks in conjunction with the SDA church in Abancay (town about 1.5 hours away). Currently there is not an SDA church in Curahasi, but recently the pastor from Abancay has been talking with Stephen and I about trying to evangelize more in Curahuasi. A few weeks ago we passed out about 2,000 books to the local schools (Viva con Esperanza by Mark Finley and Peter Landless). Since it is mainly a health and family book, all the principals were very open to distributing the books to the students.  In January the pastor plans to bring some youth from Abancay to go door-to-door and distribute more of the books (10,000 in all; currently about 4,000 are at our house). He plans to follow this up with an evangelistic series. Its really exciting to think we may have a church here in Curahuasi in the near future! Stephen and I have agreed to pay for half of the cost of the books; we haven’t budgeted for this, but stepped out in faith knowing God would provide.

Thanks to each of you, many in Peru have been helped spiritually and physically.  Once again, thanks for all your support, prayers, and care packages, they are all so encouraging to us!  Currently, we lack about $15,000 to finish funding our second year. If you would like to give a year end contribution, please prayerfully consider helping the ministry in Peru.

Blessings to all and have a Happy New Year! 

Nolan, Konika, Benjamin, and Sydney


Unloading books

Unloading books with the pastor


Stephen talking to the students


Taking books to one of the schools.

Taking books to one of the schools.

Distributing the books to the classrooms.

Distributing the books to the classrooms.


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