Recent happenings


Prayer rock


Grape Gatorade wine and coconut cookie bread


A couple weekends ago while Nolan was on a medical outreach campain, the kids and I walked up to prayer rock for worship . It was a beautiful morning to praise the Lord out in His nature! We talked about the Passover, and about the blood on the door posts that spared the first-born children when the angel of death passed over, then about how the blood of the perfect “Lamb” on the cross spares us from death. We ended with our own little communion.


Our communion


A week or so later we had another march with the kids playing in the band. It was pretty warm out, with quite a wait in the sun. We tried to keep them drinking water and in the shade as much as possible. One forth grader who was behind Benjamin fainted from the heat. His face received the brunt of the fall, but fortunately he is ok. Here are some pictures of their day.



Ben is the third drum in the line closest to us and Syd is to his left with her Lita.




My family


The lead marching girls


Nolan marching


Syd and her friend Maria Pilar


Some of our school kids watching some boys playing marbles.

It seems that the games that the kids play here change with the seasons. They have played with taps,  which are little plastic disks that you try and throw just right so it flips your opponents’ tap. Then they played trompos, which are tops. The ones where you wind up string around them and throw them to make them spin. Now the game of late has been marbles. Pretty much everywhere there is an area of smooth dry dirt, there are kids playing marbles. There are several games that are played.  It has even made it to our yard.


JP going for a shot


Watching Peter. (Syndey and some of her friends have been playing “Little House on the Prarie.” Konika made the bonnets, etc.)


Syd trying to win it all

Other things that have made it to our yard:


An awesome swimming pool with a home-made waterfall by Benjamin!


And our bird… Can you find him?


Here is a better picture of our bird










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