Our recent life

Apology: I have had this post ready to go for over a week now, but our internet has not been fast enough to upload pictures. Today, it is working!! Yay!

There have been lots of happenings since our last post. Looks like we left off at the school inauguration… The following Monday, the kids started school. There were a few moments of nervousness, but they were mostly excited to get started. They were also very excited about their uniforms (this excitement has worn off a bit).

All ready for school

All ready for school

This is their uniform for every day. Including the sweater. Benjamin is not the biggest fan of the sweater (he thinks it is a bit too purple).
The school is brand new, as you know, and there were a few hick-ups (which is expected, the first go around) one being, the school supplies were not in the classrooms for the kids. Which was a problem for Benjamin because we turned in his pencil bag, so the poor guy started a new school, in a foreign language, with no pen or pencil to write with (he didn’t end up getting his bag for over a week, but we sent some spare writing utensils the next day). Sydney lucked out, because on our way to school I gave her a pencil that I happened to be carrying. So lesson learned, don’t turn in the pencil bag with the school supplies. 🙂 On Thursday, I finally went to talk to Sydney’s teacher to ask where Sydney’s notebooks were. She only had one (we had turned in 5) and said that they had been looking all over an couldn’t find hers. I had reviewed my Spanish words that I was going to use all the way to school. I guess I lined up my words correctly, because I got my message across and after we found her books her teacher came up to me and started speaking to me really fast. I had no clue what he was saying, so Sydney pipes up and says ” Mom, he is saying that us English kids don’t always understand what he is saying, and he wants to know if you can come in and help translate for us.” Ha ha! Needless to say, I did not get the job. 🙂
Other than that, school has gone fairly smoothly. The kids have a fabulous girl named Elsa, who is from Germany, that helps them with their school work and helps them through some of their classes. She is also teaching them German, which is a huge hit!  She is super nice and I am sad that she is leaving pretty soon to return to Germany. 😦
Well, just as we were getting school started, we got an e-mail letting us know that the kids’ carnets were ready to be picked up in Lima. So after being in school a little over a week, we headed to Lima.

Waiting... We actually got to skip to the front of one line since we had kids, but we waited 2 hours in the next line.

Waiting… We actually got to skip to the front of one line since we had kids, but we waited 2 hours in the next line.

The last two times we have gone to Lima for carnet stuff, Nolan and I have gone without kids. So this trip to Lima, we tried to work some kid activities in around our appointments and a bit of shopping for things we can’t get in Curahuasi The highlight was finding string cheese; Sydney was so so excited!! We also found some cheddar cheese, which is quite rare.  Nolan and I both realized that it is A LOT easier shopping for supplies minus the kids! It was like they had not seen modern things in years.  It seemed that every item in the store they wanted to show to us, but it was fun to see them having a good time. We rented bicycles for an hour and rode up the walkway along the cliffs that overlook the ocean. At our turn around spot, there was a free BMX bike track and skate park, so Benjamin and Nolan took a couple laps.

2014-03-29 15.43.47

Ready to ride!

We went and played at the beach. (which is not comfortable to lay on)

2014-03-29 16.45.20

Plenty of rocks to throw!

We were also able to hook up with a couple friends from the hospital and we went to this water park. Its actually more of a fountain park, but fun none-the-less.  After the $1.50 entrance fee (can’t beat that), you were free to roam around the park with its 13 different fountain areas.   Many were in different designs, some went with music, some you could play in, and at night they light them up. It was a lot of fun, and a very nice park.

2013-07-10 018

The fountain park

2013-07-10 028

Inside a fountain

Watery tunnel

Watery tunnel

Another highlight was being able to attend an Adventist church. I do miss our church family! It is amazing how you can attend an Adventist church anywhere and it still feels like family. It is the little things!  🙂
While we were in Lima, we got a call letting us know that our house was finished and we could move in!! So after we flew into Cuzco, we bought some mattresses (yes our taxi was looking pretty funny )

Our loaded taxi

Our loaded taxi

and a few other things and drove straight to our new place. Then came the “fun” part of packing/separating all our stuff and unpacking it once we got it to our house. They do not build closets in the bedrooms here, so that makes storage and hang-up clothes a little bit of a challenge. So this week, we have been doing a lot of moving around, lots of figuring out what we need to buy (furniture), and what we can live without. Good times!


Home sweet home


2014-04-10 06.18.14

Inside our gate


Our kitchen/ dining/ living room

Our kitchen/ dining/ living room


But we do owe Stephen and Finley a HUGE thank you for letting us live with them until our place was finished! I am sure it probably wasn’t easy having 4 extra people sharing their place, but they were very kind and put up with us for over 3 months! So THANK YOU!! (I know, it needs to be bigger! :))
Well I think that just about catches you up with us for now.



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3 thoughts on “Our recent life

  1. garrett nudd

    This is an extraordinary adventure! We love seeing the updates!

  2. cindy tomaszewski

    really enjoy keeping up to date with everything you’re doing! prayers for you and so, super proud of you all!!

  3. Love the kitchen/dining/living room!! Hey our places are both yellow 😉 It’s a God thing….Big hugs KONIKA I miss you..:.keep the pictures coming… What can I send to you for your house warming gift?? I know you are reaching and helping so many people there and spreading Gods love to all.. Priceless! Tell Sydney Addy says hi and what’s up..

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