Machu Picchu

This last weekend, I had an invitation that I could not pass up. Three wonderful young ladies asked me to join them in a weekend trip to Machu Pichu. We had so much fun. Our first night we took a rainy, very quick, and a bit scary taxi ride to Cuzco ( fortunately our angels can fly fast), where we spent the night so we could get started on our “real” trip first thing in the morning. We loaded into a van the next morning with many other people, and off we went.


Makes me feel a little sick just looking at the picture! 🙂

As you can see, (there is a river at the far left, the rest is one road) the road winds all over the place! Let’s just say, I wasn’t medicated so the 6 hour trip seemed FOREVER! (My tummy doesn’t get a long too well with curves)Then we got to take a train the last 30 minutes to where we were going to stay.  It was kind of interesting, because since I now have my carnet (visa) I am considered a Peru resident. So as two of our group got to go in this really short line with all the gringos, Luz and I got to go stand in the long Peruvian line. We did get to ride in the same train, but we were in the less plush car. 🙂 The up side? We paid $3.50 and the others paid $24.00. Anyway, we did end up making it to Aguas Calientes. It is such a cute little town. And the river that runs beside it was unreal! The power behind that water is incredible. (Sorry, can’t get my picture to load)


Aguas Calientes

Bright and early the next morning, we headed up to Machu Pichu. (By bus, not foot) It was a little foggy when we first got up there, but then as the fog lifted, you could see more and more. It was so beautiful!

wpid-mntsdcardDCIMCamera2014-03-01-07.47.51.jpg.jpg                              wpid-mntsdcardDCIMCamera2014-03-01-07.56.22.jpg.jpg



I love the windows


Isn’t it neat how they carved the rock to look like the mountains behind it?


The fog is just about gone


How did they move those rocks?


How did they carve this?

We decided to walk back down the mountain to Aguas Calientes. Wow, there were SO many stairs, and they are tall stairs. At first, it was fun, then my knee decided that it was not having as much fun as I was and decided to try and spread the misery. 🙂 It has taken days, but my calf muscles are finally back to normal. I am just grateful that we took the bus up. 🙂


This is the road up to Machu Pichu. We walked down the trail that just goes straight down.


The lovely ladies I had the opportunity to travel with

We had a great time, and I am so glad I was able to go. One thing I have really enjoyed in my “mission” time so far, is being able to spend time, and getting to know people, especially young people who are so on fire for God. These ladies, and the young ladies we were able to get to know in Costa Rica, are not waiting until they are older, or married, or until things are “just right”. They are out right now, living their lives for God, doing what He wants. These three ladies are doctors who could be worried about how much money they aren’t making, instead, they are worried about how many people they can share Jesus with, how they can show His love to their patients, and being so concerned with this that they dedicate their lives to His service. I am inspired by their faith and their love of God.

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One thought on “Machu Picchu

  1. It’s amazing to me how others are just so on fire with sharing all over the world!! Big hugs

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