We graduated!! Can you believe it? I know, amazing right? Ok, so everyone graduates when they leave the school here, but  still… 🙂 We know that we have improved since we arrived (for sure) but we have a LONG way to go still.  I have to admit, I get excited because now I can read people’s posts on Facebook that are in Spanish, and can figure out what they are saying!  Oh the little joys in life…  But now we are entering the sink or swim time, so hopefully we can swim!


Miss Sydney with her teacher


Mr Benjamin and Miss Sydney. Sadly I didn’t get a good picture.


We are with our teacher Melvin. It was at this point I thought I had gotten away with not having to say anything in front of everyone. But I was called out and we had to talk. Blast! 🙂 (I do pretty much ANYTHING to get out of talking in front!)


Our fellow graduates. 🙂


Bree and I in our classroom


Our first teacher Sonya.

There was also a fiesta on the day of our graduation. May have possibly been because we are leaving… Not too sure. 🙂 Just kidding, it was for Navidad! We have had stockings there at the school and each person got to draw a name and put things in their person’s stocking, secretly of course.  Then at the party, you got to hand your person their stocking.  Then the staff there at the school provided us with lunch. It was very sweet of them. We were blessed and made some really great friends here in Costa Rica!  It is  sad to know that we will probably not see some of them again here on this earth. But the time here was made so much better because of our friends! So thank you to everyone who made our time here enjoyable! 🙂


Some of the kids trying to peak in their stockings! 🙂


Sydney and her friends Sonya and Sofia


For culture class (we have it every week on Thursday) we got to sing a traditional song that is about Joseph and Mary going door to door, looking for somewhere to stay. So the “inn keepers” are inside and “Joseph and Mary” are on the outside. So we were all divided into two groups and got to sing to each other.


Nolan got to play the guitar


Here is our Christmas picture! 🙂


One of Benjamin and Sydney’s teachers. Super nice girl!


Benjamin and Sydney’s class with their teacher who has LOTS of patience!

We leave tomorrow for San Jose.  Our flight to Peru leaves Sunday morning! We will first fly to Lima and then to Cuzco a few days later.  So we have been packing ALL day today!! It really isn’t very fun.  We have bought some things for Peru, people have given us gifts, and things just add up! Now we are trying to stuff it all in our bags. 🙂 Good times!  But, the good news is, that we are pretty much done! So now we can enjoy the Sabbath! I am so glad we have the Sabbath to look forward to every week!

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2 thoughts on “WE GRADUATED!!!

  1. elizabeth

    love this!!!! You guys all look sooo great!!! and sooooo bilingual!!! =) Love love love you! and so proud of each of you!!! Can’t wait for you to be reunited w/ the family soon in peru!!!

  2. i miss you friend!!! i knew without seeing who wrote this post when i read the word “blast”!! i’m sure there are so many hard days…..days when it would be easier to come home. but god gave your family some special patience & perserverance & determination! he is doing great work through you guys!! love you & miss you a whole bunch!!!! i wish i knew the easiest way to communicate with you……email?

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