Always Fun!

Thanks to all those who have sent letters or packages to us during our time here in Costa Rica.  Not only is it fun to get things from family and friends, but it is also encouraging and really does make our week!  Your kindness and support is invaluable!

I will always remember how excited my kids get when we receive a package from the States.  🙂  Thanks again!




Health Food!


Guess my head is cut out of this photo, but it still shows the fun stuff we got! 🙂


My FAVORITE!! 🙂 That’s right, I love me some fake dogs!


It is Christmas fun for everyone!

Again, thank you everyone for your prayers, thoughts and love! And a special thank you to all the 2nd and 4th graders at AWS! The letters have been, and will be read many times! WE HAVE AMAZING FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!

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2 thoughts on “Always Fun!

  1. David Wright

    Packages are so much fun. Have you gotten the ones we sent yet? Merry Christmas to you all. Love you guys!

  2. elizabeth

    Hurray!!!!! how fun fun fun!!!!!

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