The Final stretch of Costa Rica

Our time here in Costa Rica is quickly coming to an end! We have about 2 weeks left before we head on to Peru! Though we are filled with excitement to go to Peru, there is still that nagging feeling of not knowing enough Spanish!!  I know that God wants us to be there and He is going to make things work out, we just need to let go and let God do His thing.  Wish it was as easy to do as it is to say… satan has a quiet little sneaky way of getting into our minds and throwing doubt in there. God promised that through Him all things are possible. I just need to repeat that to myself daily! Ok, maybe several times a day! 🙂


Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

We took one last trip as a family here in Costa Rica (I say “as a family” because Nolan and Benjamin are going on a little trip up into the mountains next week). We went to the Pacific side of the country to a beautiful place called Manuel Antonio.  It is a National Park.  We had the privilege of going with a family that we met here at the school. They are great people and we had so much fun hanging out with them. And even though we had to say good-bye to them last week, it is not forever! They are headed to Peru in January to work in an orphanage for a little while and amazingly, they will be about 30 minutes from where we will be! A-MAZING!!! 🙂 Ok, so about Manuel Antonio… It was so pretty there!


This is a view from a restaurant called “El Avion”.

We ate at this really fun restaurant called “El Avion”. The boys especially LOVED playing in the cockpit of this C-123.


Really, who wouldn’t love this? Pushing buttons, pulling levers… Now, if only it would fly… 🙂

We stayed at this little place that was snuggled in the jungle and monkeys came several times and were playing in the trees and on the roof of the building. I thought that was pretty cool!


This little mama is carrying her baby who is almost as big as she is!

At the beach we saw some iguanas (one was exceptionally big), and lots of crabs! The kids made a “home” for the crabs; basically pits with little walk ways for them to go from “room” to “room”. Don’t worry, we let them go when we were done playing.


This little guy was running for his life. 🙂


Some crabs in their “home”


Some itsy-bitsy crabs


This is an iguana we saw at the beach

And on a walk through the park we saw more monkeys (this time it was Howler monkeys. At the hotel we saw the white faced Capuchin monkeys and Squirrel monkeys) and more iguanas, Agoutis, a Purple Crowned Fairy hummingbird, a Sloth, Toucans,  some tree frogs, and there could have been more, but my brain is not recalling anymore at this time. 🙂

Oh, on our way to Manuel Antonio, we crossed this river that had crocodiles. Don’t want to fall off that bridge!!


Glad I was up on the bridge!

Here are some more pictures of our adventure. We are thankful for family, friends, fun, safety, and MOST of all for the love of our Father up above.


Sydney and her sandman since there is no snow here! 🙂


Digging holes


Did a little zip-lining


All ready to go!


Crazy little monkey!

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