Just livin’ in Costa Rica

I am sure it is hard to imagine, but it can be challenging to live here in Costa Rica.  ( And I am sure once we get to Peru, we will look at our days in Costa Rica and think to ourselves, now why did we think it was challenging there?) It is challenging to be in a different place with a new language we are trying to process.  A place where we have new friends (but still wish we could just hang out with our friends back home).  A place where you can’t express (beyond a basic level) your sorrow for someone losing a loved one or excitement for someone’s achievements because you don’t know the words (or just don’t remember them, which is more often the case).  A place where 4th grade is SO hard because Mom is not like Mrs. Weddle. 🙂  (I try and remind him that Mrs. Weddle still made him do his work and each year you learn new stuff that is sometimes hard. Still we miss Mrs. Weddle.)  A place where we have to wait on the bus, and sometimes walk home when we miss it. Sometimes we just get frustrated with each other. We are with each other 24/7 pretty much!  🙂 All these things can get a bit overwhelming sometimes. But right now I am reading the book of Acts in my morning alone time (with the roosters) and that is the perfect book to bring my self-pity train into the station.  Paul was imprisoned, beat, put on trial, tested in his faith all the time, and he still boldly spoke about God, not dwelling on the things that were uncomfortable or things that didn’t go his way. He kept his eye on the prize.  I am sure his conditions were not perfect and the food wasn’t always great. I pray for an attitude more like Paul, one that the focal point is never changing, one that will put up with all kinds of challenges because we know what the forever future holds.

We are healthy, and safe and have many blessings and things to be thankful for. I need to dwell on these things. Thanks again for prayers of support, they are much appreciated! 🙂



P.S. Here are some of the little creatures we have found.


A very large butterfly


Looks very different when closed up


A bee hive


These butterflies are so beautiful!


Just doin’ some laundry


Sweeping up after the guy came and did some weed-eating



So glad I didn’t walk into this guy’s web!


Think this guy has cool antennea?


But check out these! Fancy! He even posed them nicely for his photo.


Check out this cute little fella. He lives on our stairs (inside the house)


This big ol’ guy did not live very long after this photo


Everyone gets to help carry groceries


A very bizarre looking fruit. It was surprisingly tasty.

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9 thoughts on “Just livin’ in Costa Rica

  1. elizabeth

    i love the pictures. i love your post. and i love you!!! =) thanks for the inspiring words.

  2. I love your positive take home on what you are going through!!! I also appreciate your take home on the book of acts… Your children will look back and see what a saint you are for homeschooling them in a country where you are learning the language all at the same time!!! You and Nolan ROCK!!! Ok WOW beautiful butterfly’s!!! Wacky and nasty bee’s nest YIKES!!!! Miss you all lots and lots!!!! Big hugs and kisses!!!

  3. Emily

    Praying for you! You’ll be rattling it off in no time!…the spanish that is. Thanks for the post. I always get excited when a new one is up. Whooooo! GO WRIGHTS IN COSTA RICA!

  4. Beth

    What’s that awesome thing – fruit? – that Benjamin is holding? I LOVE seeing all the critters. Am praying for your ‘gift of tongues’. We miss you!!

  5. Jill Feyerharm

    Oh thanks for your update!! Love those pictures too! Wow that fruit that Benjamin is holding!!! Would be lucky to find enough room on the counter to even cut it!! All the critters and such…that one insect dude with the fern like antlers…haha lol!!!!… Made me laugh! Beautiful blue butterfly! What a great experience for the kids! Sounds like it can be challenging at times…keep looking to The Lord as I know you are! We love you lots…so world in fact!! ( you might know about that saying from our family) Jill and Jeff

  6. Lisa

    You are amazing Konika. Love your thoughts and inspiration. I’m so glad you are sharing this with us! Xoxo

  7. I always look for your updates. They are really motivational/inspirational. You would never know that someone in Costa Rica could move someone back in the US. God can work in mysterious ways. Not that I want to move to Costa Rica or anything……..lol. Keep the posts/pics coming because they are interesting and educational for my children as well. Remember that God is with you. Joshua 1:9

  8. Stephen Wright

    I wish I would have taken a picture of it. But we had a tarantula in the dental clinic today. Its the first live one I have seen. The only bug we have in out house are many ants and crickets which we catch and feed to the chickens. Sique adelante con fuerza. Estas haciendo bien bien bien. Mi computadora esta funcionando ahora asi que podemos skype pronto. Van a tener muchos amigos en Peru. Falta solamente como 2 meses! Les amo muchisimo! Paz afuera!

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