Tuis is the town that we go to school in. It is about a 1.5 mile walk or bus ride from where our house is.  We live in La Selva.  This weekend, a very nice girl who is attending our school, took us on a tour of Tuis.  She showed us several places that I am most certain we would never have found on our own. Including this…


This guy has made his backyard into a kid’s dream!  Several huts with thatched roofs, several rope swings, this tree house, a see-saw. The kids thought it was pretty cool!




The following morning she invited us to go with her host family to milk their cows.  So at 6 am we were waiting at their gate.  Up a steep hill in the coffee plants we came to a little shed where the cows would come in to be milked.  Obviously the gentleman had milked cows MANY times! He was so fast. He was also very nice and let the kids try. Then he gave us some fresh cow milk!



I am sure not all of our weekends will be this interesting, but grateful for a gracious people who are making our stay here even more enjoyable.

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4 thoughts on “Tuis

  1. Addy-I really like the tree house it’s pretty cool I wish I had one…my mom just showed me the picture of the grasshopper and wow it enormous!!
    Do the Iguana eggs change color?? Looks like you guys are going to get to eat some pretty colorful cool food… How did it feel to milk the cow Sydney?? I Sure do miss you but it looks like you’re having lots of fun I wish I could be having the fun with you but thank you for taking the pictures so I can see what you do and the drawing! Adios Senior Rita??

  2. Emily

    LOVE IT! I always get sooo excited when you guys make a new blog post! I’m also excited to see syd and ben are keeping up with their journaling. You guys are living such an exciting and adventurous life! Thinking and praying for you often.

  3. Neely

    I love being able to keep up with all the Wrights! We are praying for yall! It looks like everyone is having a great time!

  4. Heather

    VERY fun adventures indeed! Love you all!

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